Creative storytelling is really freakin' fun, and that's why I love branding + marketing. I love helping the people and brands I work with tell their stories in dynamic, compelling, emotionally engaging ways across a variety of media forms. I love helping creatives connect with their customers and fans in unexpected ways.

I can help you increase your kickass-ness in:

  • brand narratives/development
  • brand logos and slogans 
  • content development and creation
  • multi-platform marketing and engagement strategies
  • social media marketing
  • mailing lists
  • I'll teach you how to create engaging content across platforms
    • connect with your customers and fans
  • we'll provide lessons in the use of data and analytics
    • track engagement - discover what works for you and your brand
    • drive more traffic to your website
    • increase sales (products, event tickets, merch, you know, the stuff that pays the bills)
    • boost engagement on social media
    • understand what content  your customers and fans connect most with

Plus, I have backup. A ninja-squad, if you will. If there's something I can't do, they can. We have a skilled, enthusiastic team of:

  • marketers/branders
  • photographers
  • videographers
  • graphic designers
  • web designers
  • artist managers
  • personal stylists

For some of my most recent branding work, check out skoutmusic.com. I did all the photo, video, and design for the site, and I'm pretty damn proud of it. 

Ready to get started or have more questions about our branding + marketing work? Click here.


It's critically important to have a compelling brand and marketing to match, but the development and execution of your long-term goals is just as vital.

I can help you assess your current status as a brand, band, or creative and design a plan to achieve your goals. I'm pretty pro at taking daunting, big-picture objectives and breaking them down into smaller, achievable steps. 

Projects I've consulted on before include:

  • coordinating major music campaigns
    • it's an intimidating balancing act, but one we've gotten good at: keeping budgeting, deadlines, release marketing campaign, album art, promo photos, music videos, visual content, blogs, radio, social media, and more all on track and on schedule
  • album and product releases
  • tour planning
  • writing and recording an album
  • promotion/rollout campaigns
  • budgeting
  • breakdowns of major goals into a realistic timeline with achievable steps toward the end goal
  • career timeline mapping
  • strengths/weaknesses analysis


I specialize in the following areas of photography, and I love a creative challenge, so if you've got something not listed here - bring it on! If it's a good fit, I am all over it:

  • live music events/concerts
  • documentary/behind-the-scenes (tour, in the studio, writing, etc.)
  • portrait/promo
  • lifestyle 

You can check out my work (here I am pictured here hiding behind my Polaroid) at the Photo links above, on Skout's website, or on my Flickr account.

If you like what you see, click here to chat with me about how we can work together on your project or brand. 


Me and my video partner in crime, Laura Valk/Skout, have a mobile recording kit that allows us to record professional audio + video anywhere. The video is color corrected and edited to professional standards, and the audio quality we can get on-site is INSANE. One time we recorded Skout live in the middle of the woods and you'd never know there were branches rustling and birds chirping and wind blowing. Laura's a sound engineering genius.

Our favorite things to film are:

  • live sessions
  • music videos
  • documentary/behind-the-scenes (tour, in the studio, etc.)
  • Skout's Out Loud Sessions (co-produced with Skout herself)

I also do solo film work, such as these projects for Eric Hutchinson.

Here's one of our latest releases - a combined live session and montage of Skout's recent weekend writing and recording in Vermont:


I manage a small but talented roster of artists. They vary widely in sound, ranging from indie folk to experimental electronic, but they share some common, critically important characteristics: uncompromising dedication to honesty in their art, intense focus on the development of their craft, and a whole lot of talent. I'm not currently taking additions to my roster, but I do offer creative + strategic consulting, which is essentially per-project management (plus it saves you money, because you're not paying for a full-time manager!). Click here if you're interested in learning more about our creative + strategic consulting services.